Police were forced to move in after crowds of revellers descended on the Forest of Dean for an all-night rave.

Just after 3.30am on Sunday morning Gloucestershire Constabulary tweeted: “Police are currently in the Forest of Dean near to Speculation Car Park dispersing a rave.

“People are advised not to attend the area due to safety and Covid risks. This will likely take some time to resolve this issue.”

Gatherings of more than 30 people are still banned under lockdown rules

Roads in the area were blocked as crowds were moved on from the area, Gloucestershire Live reported.

Some residents took to Facebook to criticise those attending the event.

One wrote: “I heard it at 4.30am, I hoped it had stopped very soon after because the police intervened… Makes me angry that some people think it is safe to do so, when it clearly isn’t!”

A Gloucestershire Constabulary spokesman said the operation had been “relatively successful” and was “coming to a close”.

He was unable to provide details on arrests, with these expected later on Sunday.