Living with Covid plan: What is in each of the five levels?

The Government has announced a medium-term plan to suppress the spread of coronavirus while keeping as much of the country open as possible. At the core of the plan is an escalating five-level alert system.

The Government will decide on moving between levels based on advice from the National Public Health Emergency Team, which will be first assessed by a new Covid-19 Oversight Group chaired by the Government’s secretary general Martin Fraser with inputs from other Government departments. The chief medical officer and HSE chief executive will also sit on this group.

The criteria that will set alert levels will include the number and location of cases and clusters, recent incidence rates, the capacity to manage outbreaks and testing and contact tracing, along with the capacity of the hospital system, the number of deaths and the international situation.

This is how it works.

Level one

– Visitors are limited to 10 from up to three households inside your home or garden

– No more than 50 attendees are permitted outside your home or garden

– Up to 100 people can attend a wedding ceremony and reception

– Up to 100 people can attend indoor gatherings

– Up to 200 people for larger venues with two-metre distancing and one-way entry and exits

– Larger events will be permitted at very large stadiums, auditoriums or events

– Guidance will be developed for very large purpose-built event facilities

– Up to 100 spectators can attend indoor sporting fixtures

– Up to 200 spectators can attend outdoor sporting fixtures

– Up to 500 can attend outdoor stadiums with minimum capacity of 5,000

– Up to 50 people permitted at religious with more than 50 allowed in separate sub-groupings

– Nightclubs, discos and casinos will remain closed

– Wet pubs – defined as those that do not serve food – can open

Level two

– Visitors are limited to one household or up to six visitors from two or three other households

– Up to six people can meet indoors or up to 15 outdoors from up to three households

– Up to 50 people can attend a wedding ceremony and reception

– Up to 50 people can attend controlled indoor gatherings in pods or groups of up to six for business, training events, conferences, theatres, cinemas and other arts events

– Up to 100 people are permitted in larger venues with social distancing and one-way systems

– For large purpose-built event facilities,such as stadiums and event centres, guidance to be developed

– Up to 100 people will be permitted outdoors at majority of venues

– Up to 200 people permitted at outdoor stadium with minimum capacity of 5,000

– Sports training permitted up to 15 people (except for professional teams

– Sports training, exercise and dance can take place in pods of up to six inside

– Up to 100 people can watch sports events outdoors and 50 people indoors