Live: Expert predicts a quarter of Victorian aged care cases will lead to death

Aged care residents giving up due to COVID-19 and isolation, nurses fear


Penny Stephens/Western Health

Nurses sent in to help Melbourne’s coronavirus-ravaged aged care facilities say they are gravely concerned for residents – even those without COVID-19 infections — who have been stuck in “solitary confinement” for months.
One resident has even refused to eat and drink because she can’t see her family or leave her room.

Western Health Clinical Nursing Consultant Shane Durance said he fears there will be a long tail of ongoing deaths in nursing homes due to the pandemic, unrelated to COVID-19 infections.

“We’ve got people who aren’t COVID-positive, whose mood is severely depressed, who are not eating well, who are not drinking adequately, who are prominently locked in their rooms, not able to go out for any activities, no leisure activities, and their mobility is declining and their mood is declining” he told 7.30.

“And for someone who’s already elderly, already has a mood disorder, already is mildly malnourished – it’s very hard to come back from that.”

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