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Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has ripped into Business Secretary Alok Sharma after the latter admitted he misstated information regarding Covid-19 testing figures.

Reacting to the comments given by Mr Sharma to BBC Breakfast on Wednesday, Mr Morgan described the business secretary as “one of the worst-performing government ministers” to have appeared on GMB in recent months.

Mr Sharma had earlier told rival programme BBC Breakfast that he was “wrong” to suggest in an interview on the programme last week that 240,000 people had been tested for Covid-19 on June 22.

In fact, the 240,000 figure represented the number of tests in total carried out on that date, not the number of people tested, BBC Breakfast‘s Louise Minchin pointed out on Wednesday.

“Would you like to admit you were wrong on that?” she questioned.

Mr Sharma replied: “Yes, I was wrong and I apologise for that, it was an inadvertent mistake if I can put it like that.”

“I think that the reason the numbers of people have not come forward is that there is this small percentage of cases where people have been included more than once in the figures,” he added.

“And we are working with the UK statistics authority and looking at that.”

Picking up on the exchange, Mr Morgan lambasted Mr Sharma for his inaccuracy and accused the BBC Breakfast show of failing to adequately challenge Government ministers during interviews, labelling its line of questioning a “shambles”.

Government ministers have not appeared on GMB in recent weeks following a series of on-air grillings by Mr Morgan at the height of the Covid-19 crisis.

“This is how it is now, they go on BBC Breakfast, they don’t get challenged on it at the time, we call them out on this show and they go back on BBC breakfast and admit they were wrong and apologise,” he said.

Mr Morgan continued: “Let me tell you what’s happened here; when he says ‘blah, blah’, what he actually means through the blather, is that they haven’t revealed the number of people being tested ever since it emerged that they were counting.

“If you went and had a Covid test like I did, and had a swab in your nose and a swab in your mouth — they were counting that as two tests.”

“And they were caught scamming the numbers, and from that moment that they were caught and had to admit it, they haven’t revealed the number of people being tested.”

The Government paused reporting of daily testing figures in May for accuracy reasons after officials said there was a small percentage of cases where the same person was tested more than once.

Officials have set various testing targets as part of efforts to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, which has killed at least 43,730 people throughout the UK. The true death toll is thought to be more than 55,000.

A total of 9,290,215 Covid-19 tests have been carried out and 311,965 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed nationwide since the pandemic erupted.