Schools are reportedly preparing to go part-time if problems with Test and Trace continue.

Headteachers are drawing up plans to teach pupils on a two weeks on, two weeks off, basis, the Telegraph reports.

Nearly every school in the country is struggling to get access to testing for pupils and teachers, education leaders have warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It comes after more than 300 schools have already been partially or completely closed because of proven or suspected coronavirus cases, the Standard reported yesterday.

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), said that the only way schools can ensure they have sufficient teachers will be to instigate a rota.

Schools could see rota systems brought in (PA)

“I think we will start to see rota systems bought in because there are people waiting for tests and you simply can’t cover all the classes,” he told The Telegraph.

“Schools will worry about whether in fact the only way to ensure you have sufficient teachers is to move to a rota. I am not trying to scaremonger, but this does appear to be unravelling.”

Teacher and parents are worried they will be put to the back of the testing queue (PA)

Teachers and parents are now worried they will be put towards the back of the testing queue after Health Secretary Matt Hancock admitted Covid-19 tests may have to be rationed.

Parents have also reported driving for hours to get a test for their symptomatic child in order to get them back into school.

A prioritisation list for testing, setting out who will be at the front of the queue, has not yet been published but the Sun reported nurses, care home workers and teachers would be among those at the top.