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Six months into the pandemic of the novel coronavirus is a good time to look back and ahead. Here’s the bottom line: There’s only one enemy – the virus. We need to overcome the politicization of measures that protect all of us.

The good

We’ve learned a lot about the virus and how to stop it. Many communities have flattened the curve and kept it down. Some, including /islands such as New Zealand, have eliminated it. They’ve done this with a combination of two approaches.

The first is the 3 W’s: Wear a mask, wash your hands (or use sanitizer) and watch your distance.


The second is our Box It In strategy: strategic testing, effective isolation, rapid and sensitive contact tracing, and supportive quarantine.

We also know more about how to stay safe – remain at least six feet apart and meet outdoors if possible. And we’ve learned about conditions that are most dangerous, including indoor crowds with poor ventilation made up of people not wearing masks. The longer you’re exposed to a risky environment, the more likely you are to get infected.

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