Covidiots of all ages are giving two fingers to everyone

I watched, fascinated, one day recently as a group of men sat around one of those tables designed to look like a wooden barrel, with many empty pint glasses in front of them.

A bowl of chicken wings sat in the middle of the table – this, I assume, was the meal they were supposed to be having. They sat so close together they might as well have been on each other’s laps.

If one of them had Covid, then, about the time you’re reading this, others in the party may well be getting symptoms. As a good deal of laughter, and hence spraying of droplets, was going on, some unlucky passersby on the narrow pavement may be feeling the symptoms around now also.

Of course, in normal times a drinking session like this would just be a pleasant event. Today, it could cost lives, whereas “community responsibility”, which isn’t half as much fun, saves lives. Community responsibility means doing your bit to slow the spread of coronavirus. For the men at the barrel, that would have meant sacrificing the day’s enjoyment because in the circumstances social distancing wasn’t feasible.

It seems to me that this is a fairly common scene and it doesn’t always involve men only and is not always outside pubs.

Just before I began this article I observed a group of building workers sitting at two tables, pushed together, outside a cafe eating their sandwiches. Not an iota of social distancing was going on and the waitress was having a laugh with them. A pleasant scene, but it had the potential to spread Covid far and wide. Maybe peer pressure won out over community responsibility.

Then we have the Lone Ranger. If you are in a city where you can watch buses and trams go by and you scan what is going on inside as they pass, you will probably notice as I do that they often contain a Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger presumably wore a mask to get onto the bus or tram and then took it off.