Angela Merkel warns severity of COVID resurgence ‘will be decided by our behavior’

Chancellor Angela Merkel appealed to her fellow Germans on Saturday when she encouraged them to work together — through staying apart — to reduce the spread of coronavirus amid new spikes.

In her weekly video podcast, the politician referred to the “difficult months” ahead, noting that the state of the country in coming months is subject to measures employed now, The Associated Press reports.


“How winter will be, how our Christmas will be, that will all be decided in these coming days and weeks, and it will be decided by our behavior,” said Merkel.

The Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s disease control center, announced Saturday that a record 7,830 new cases had been reported overnight.


Despite the country’s more than 356,000 cases to date, it’s been lauded for its comparably lower death toll of 9,767.

Police with face masks control the coronavirus orders at the train station in Cologne, Germany on Thursday.

Police with face masks control the coronavirus orders at the train station in Cologne, Germany on Thursday. (Martin Meissner/AP)

Germany is one of multiple European nations subject to a new bout of restrictions aiming to stop the disease’s spread.

The government for the northern Italian region of Lombardy, the first area of Europe to suffer the coronavirus outbreak, said Friday that high schools should implement a hybrid format. The region has also begun banning contact sports and limiting bar service and alcohol sales.

Paris is one of several major French cities are now subject to a month-long curfew requiring residents to stay home between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Subsequently, all restaurants, bars, and cinemas — along with some other establishments — must close by 9 p.m.

Slovakia is setting up 6,000 testing sites, with Prime Minister Igor Matovic noting testing will be underway the next two weekends beginning with the hardest hit counties. It was not clear whether the testing would be compulsory.

On Friday, Northern Ireland also enacted a four-week lockdown while Britain has introduced a three-tier regional approach, where restrictions vary in severity based on the tier.

The World Health Organization has caution that if rate of new infections doesn’t slow, intensive care unites in multiple European cities could hit maximum capacity in the weeks to come.

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